MG Bygg Partner AS About Us

Years of experience in construction and private enterprise of Svilen Shterev led to the creation in 2014 "MG Byg Partner AS" .It is a fast growing and dynamic company, following the trends in modern construction.Org No:915162193. MG Bygg Partner AS performs all kinds of architectural - construction and finishing works to achieve overall finished on site. Implemented the necessary measures to acquire the desired customer aesthetic appearance of buildings and facilities, both in the interior and exterior treatment. Construction of masonry with ceramic and concrete blocks, laying of internal and external plaster, paneling, partitions and suspended ceilings plasterboard. Coverings entirely consistent with customer requirements, as well as delivery and installation of windows, to answer to all contemporary requirements for strength, thermal and sound insulation. MG Bygg Partner AS has trained installers and necessary machinery for installation of facade and roof panels and high profile sheet, means for all kinds of public buildings, warehouses and industrial plants. Provide technical - economic studies for selection possible - appropriate and effective solution for facade and roof coverage of the subject.