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Company architecture - building repairs - repairs of buildings, installation of PVC windows systems, drywall, ceilings and flooring, interior and exterior waterproofing, roofing and thermal insulation. The company is equipped and equipped with all kinds of tools and machinery, truck, van and passenger transport has its own warehouse. Purchased the necessary personal gear - clothing and protective devices has the necessary equipment and tools for the quality of repairs carried out, where necessary buy or lease large-sized machinery and equipment.

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Explore our projects, we do not differentiate customers. We do not mind to have any clients !. Do we know the exact requirements will build necessary to affect you. So the path to achieving these goals would already be cut repeatedly.

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Company policy is based on the following principles::

  • construction "turnkey" of industrial, administrative and residential buildings;
  • implementation of infrastructure projects;
  • timely and quality execution of contracted works;
  • adoption and implementation of new modern technologies and materials;
  • maintain and continually update based on the company of light, medium and heavy machinery.
  • correct relations with investors;

By building all of our sites, we strive to achieve harmony in their relationships with people, cooperation for life, driven by trust and respect. Here in lies the philosophy of our business. It is important what you do, not what you say. Therefore, our team always strives dream home every customer to be achieved reality.

MG Bygg Partner AS Transport

Years of experience in construction and private enterprise of Svilen Shterev led to the creation in 2014 "MG Byg Partner AS" .It is a fast growing and dynamic company, following the trends in modern construction.Org No:915162193